North VTS incorrect on RAM F8

North Sails released the first badge of RAM F8 slalom sails in the end of 2007. Very soon customer started complaining about trim problems. North quickly found out that the VTS stickers in the top of the sails were not put in correctly. Some customers tried to downhaul the sail to the MAX sticker, and by doing so tore the mast sleeve.

If have also had the same problem. I bought a secondhand RAM F8 6.3, and was unaware of this problem. Tried to trim the sail, was unsuccesfull, tried again and then heard a rip: 70 euros of Damage to the mast sleeve. My Max stickers was at 96cm from the trailing edge. It should have been at 83cm.

Here the correct list:
Distance from trailing edge to Max point in the sail:
Sail Size VTS Max
5,4 m² 73 cm
5,8 m² 80 cm
6,3 m² 83 cm
6,8 m² 86 cm
7,3 m² 89 cm
7,8 m² 96 cm
8,4 m² 100 cm
9,0 m² 103 cm
9,9 m² 112 cm

So do you own a North Sails RAM F8.. Check the location of the VTS stickers before rigging.

Photo of my RAM F8 6.3 VTS trim stickers: