Select SL7/RS7 Base Broken

A lot of Select SL7/RS7 fins end op with a broken base.
Peterman is writen an article about the problems he has had with these fins.
He has some photos of fins with problems with the base still attached.

UPDATE: Peterman has posted an article about reinforcing the base of a select fin trying to prevent it from failing.
UPDATE 2: My favorite S07 35cm seems to begin to show signs of imenent failing, so fotos at the end of this article.

In 2009 I got a RS7 49cm with the base lose from the rest of the fin:

I cut the broken part of and attached a new base to make it a useable fin again: RS7 41cm:

Last week I finally found time to cleanup the garage. Found the old base and the cut off part of the blade.
I thought is was a good idea to make some photos to share with the rest of the world.

The blade was lose from the base. Glue samed to have failed.

You can clearly see that the blade came clean out of the blade, is not broken.

There is a crack in the blade, along the length of the blade.
My guess is that the blade cracks and then the pressure makes
the glue in de base fail.

You can see that the outer layer of the blade came lose from the core.

I"m still not sure about the cause. But is clearly that the way the blade is glued to the plastic base is not strong enough.
If this cause the blade itself to crack, or that the crack in the blade causes the blade to fail, I cannot tell.
I just hope that the newer Select fins do not have this problem, I like the SL7 and even better the S07.

My beloved S07 35cm shows signs of something coming lose. What is this white stuff that is coming loose? Glue? Rests of masking tape?