RRD Mastrail worn-out

A friend called me, here favorite waveboard was cracked, it was leaking water from a crack close to the mastrail. Se had only noticed the crack when se turned over the board at home and water started dripping on the floor. If I could use my vacuumpomp to remove the water from the board.

She brought the board. From a distance it looked like the paint was worn-off from the mastrail by the baseplate and the black carbon was now visible.

Close inspection showed that not only the paint was worn-off, but also the layers of (carbon) fiber are completely worn-out, the core it visible. Not good. I asked here how long the paint was worn-off from the mastrail? A long time allready. so water could have been seeping in allready for a long time. Moste likly water was allready seeping in when the last layer of fibers was visible.


What struck me most was how little contact the baseplate has with this board, look how small the wear is on the mastrail. On most board the baseplate will have a much larger contact area. I think this is a bit of a design flow by RRD: When the baseplate has such a small contact area the stresses on the mastail/deck will be much greater then when the baseplate has full contact with the deck. Also the wear on the deck will be more, see this board.

So everybody who has a board like this, or any other board with this kind of wear marks on the mast rail. Do not sail with it untill water is dripping out of your board. As soon as the paint is worn-off, add some extra layers of fiber to protect your board, its a easy fix and will prevent water from getting into your board.

This board will need to be on vacuum for some time and needs to dry, but after that the fix is quick and easy.