Sail Trim Troubleshooting

The following tips are based on tips from North Sails and Arrows.

Not enough downhaul:
Wrinkles from the mast to the leech are visible. The sail feels "heavy" and pulls very hard, you have a lot of pull on the back hand. Board isn't fast.

Not enough outhaul:
Part of the sail touches the boom that should not be the case for modern shaped sails. Under full speed there is a lot of back hand pressure and the sail pulls very hard.

Too much downhaul:
The sail is far to flat and there is no power in it. The leech is too loose. The board is not going as fast as it could go. It feels like having hit your brake. Sail feels very light but accelerates badly.

Too much outhaul:
As soon as the mast bends there are wrinkles from the mast to the leech. The sail feels nervous in high end condition, and does not plan quickly. There is no power in the sail, even if you are sailing in overpowered conditions.