Severne NuEvo, Starboard copy?

zaterdag 18 juli 2015

Today Severne launched their 2016 product range.

This includes for the first time boards: The Severne NuEvo.
He we know that name: Starboard has been making the NuEvo (evolution of the Evo)
since 2013, a twinser waveboard.
Severne Sails always has had a relation with Starboard.
The Formula experience used to have Severne sails as rig.

The Severne NuEvo: It comes in 7 sizes.
The Starboard NuEvo 2015 comes in 7 sizes.
They are both twinsers.
Take a close look at the specs. YES, they are the same!
I'm curious to the 2016 Starboard line, will it still have a NuEvo?
And if so, will it have the same specs as the 2015?

I don't understand the strategy behind this step.
Are Starboard and Severne moving away from each other.
Is the love over? Time will tell.