Founded in 2018. Boards&More lost its license to use the name North Sails. They still had a name lying around that they had once used for snowboarding, so they thought it would be a nice idea to use it for windsurfing as well. As a North lover, I'm not too happy about it. Duotone is a photography term, has nothing to do with sports.

In 2023, Boards&More has decided to merge Fanatic and Duotone. Since they had only just started using Duotone for sailing, it would look very bad if the sailing brand would change its name again, so they unfortunately decided to say goodbye to the Fanatic brand name after more than 40 years and to release boards under the name Duotone from now on. Disappointed again in Boards&More, got rid of both North Sails and Fanatic.

Logo of Duotone Sports