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My surf gear consists of 2 groups: Speed & Play.

Speed is trying to go as fast as possible, in my case on open water, not a speed strip/spot, and Play is freemove/wave, jumping, wave riding etc.
I have also written something about really old equipment here.


In this group you find my Freemove/Wave equipment. Nice with a slower pace over and through the waves, a bit of waveriding, but especially jumping. Super!!
Early I sailed many different brands, since 2003 I sailed North Sails, until 2020, when made the switch to Goya Sails.
In terms of boards, I'm still searching a bit at the moment. I'm looking for a replacement for my AHD power wave 253. This board has so much control, but due to its length and low volume not always easiest board. 


Sailing with your buddies, see who is the fastest, enjoy the speed and the thrill. With low wind or with more wind on flatter water, speed can be a lot of fun. My preference is Play, but going for pure straight line speed can give a huge kick!! Especially in competition context, with several surfers flying over a course: Great.
For super light wind I have my iSonic 117, planes nice and early. In stronger winds the iSonic 101.
Boards Size Discipline Year
Starboard iSonic 117 Slalom 2011