Windsurf Wave Board AHD Power Wave 253 from 2000
Wave Board
Year 2000
Volume 74 L
Range 3,7 - 5,0
Width 52,8 cm
Length 253 cm
Weight 6,2 kg
Finbox Powerbox
Materials Monocoque Carbon Sandwich
(machine translated in 2021) origin
Bought 2nd hand from a Belgian in December 2009, for a low price. The board replaces my almost the samePro Wave 255from 1997. thePro Waveis also a good board, but it is newer and in better condition.

Bottom Shape: Double concave
Tail Rocker: 13 mm
Nose Rocker: 24 cm
2cm point: 162 cm
One foot off: 32.8 cm

First look at the shape tells me that the shape is almost the same as thePro Wavefrom 1997. He sails slightly differently, seems a little more width and volume in the tail, plans slightly easier through wind holes.
This board is suitable for storms, wind equally too hard, a little more pressure on the tail, which sinks slightly, speed decreases slightly and you still have control. I haven't come across the end of control of this shelf. My 3.7 can be blown out of my hands, but this board stays on the water.

yes, it's a board from the last century. Modern waveboards often have a lesser pin-tail or less V and/or Rocker in the tail. If those properties make a board suitable for storms. I don't feel the need to replace this board with anything newer. If only because I don't have to be afraid to demolish an expensive board.

This board I only sail my little storm sails: 3.7 and 4.2. 4.7 is also possible with constant wind, but then I prefer to take my Goya One 95.

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Fin range: 20-22cm

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