Windsurf Wave Board AHD Pro Wave 255 II from 1997
Wave Board
Year 1997
Volume 74 L
Range 3,0 - 4,7
Width 53 cm
Length 255 cm
Weight 7,1 kg
Finbox Powerbox
Materials Monocoque Carbon Sandwich
(machine translated in 2021) origin
2nd hand bought in July 2008 from a belgian. I had been looking for a replacement for myJP Wave 255, a similar board but with powerbox. I found it now in this AHD Pro Wave type II.

The AHD Pro Wave, however amazing, has even more control than myJP Wave. Tested a day between the 2 boards and this AHD was the finest.

When I got a new board for a low price:AHD Power Wave 253from 2000 I sold this board for 14 euros.

I used this board with4.2and4.7,3.7could have, but never got out of it.4.7I didn't really expect, but went, as I did on myfirst test dayI've noticed actually very good, but then the wind has to be constant.

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This board works great with myWave Warrior 22cm, but will also work well with myWave Warrior 24cm.

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