Windsurf Raceboard Board Fanatic CAT 380 from 1999
Raceboard Board
Year 1999
Volume 270 L
Range 7,5 - 9,5
Width 67 cm
Length 380 cm
Weight 13,2 kg
Finbox Tuttlebox
Materials Carbon Sandwich
(machine translated in 2021) origin
Bought 2nd hand in October 2012, via via I was told that this board was for sale. The top in raceboard country, tuttlebox and lots of volume, including a boardbag, I couldn't pass it up. This replaces myFanatic Ultra CatandMistral Equipewhich I had both lying around at the time.

Board was, especially given his age in good condition, a number of small spots of thing-fix, but I'll make it neat again.

What is striking is how thick the board is, not only in the back, but over the entire length. But what do you want, that 270 liters must be somewhere.
This thing's going up like crazy. Get on the rails and go. Downwind is scarier to me than with theteamandUltra Cat. That may also be due to the longer fins I sail underneath.

I often get asked if I didn't want to sell this board, often the buyers were not serious, veek had an offer under 200 euros. In September 2014, a very serious buyer came. After careful thought, decided to sell this board. I rarely sail on my raceboard. That's why the CAT380 is overkill. I'm going to look for a older/cheaper model.

I almost always sail it with myR-Type 9.5. Quite a good raceboard sail, not the lightest and best in light weather, but it works and I already had. theMX Race 7.5I can possibly use it as a hard weather sail, although I don't see that happening anytime soon.

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Because this board has tuttlebox I can use a lot of my slalom fins. However, most are too short. I got a Pro-Limit XTD 60cm, way too long, so shortened to 51cm. Could quickly buy an MFC RC2 50cm for a pinch. So those two are my main fins. As a hard weather fin I bet on myDeboichet R10 46cm.

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