Windsurf Formula Board F2 FX 100 III   from 2005
Formula Board
Year 2005
Volume 156 L
Range 8,0 - 12,5
Width 100,5 cm
Length 247 cm
Weight 8,4 kg
Finbox Deep Tuttlebox
Materials Hi-Modulus Carbon Sandwich
(machine translated in 2021) origin
Bought 2nd hand in October 2010. Board had some ugly repaired spots, but I'm going to update them.
After sailing 2 formula races with my GT85 and since I started sailing more and more races in 2010.

I have now used the board 2 times, what is especially striking is how big the board feels compared to my GT85. The back is so much wider
and thicker. And yes, another 11.0 on it and you really have a big set. I have to say that if you plan and the wind is not too hard
it's quite nice sailing and you're a long way away. Runs really well altitude. I still find plenty of scary.

I sailed on it 4 times in total: It wasn't really my thing, sailing goes well, okay an 11.0 is big. But before I had enough training to get along well with competitions I had to go sailing a lot more and I prefer to stop in Slalom that time. So my formula stuff sold.

Inquiries showed that an 11.0 is often the perfect measure of Formula. 12.0 or larger can plan a little earlier, but is so much less manageable. 10.0 is often not a little too small. My R-Type 9.5 should also be able to go on it, but I don't think I'll ever sail on it.

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The advantage of the FX 100 III is that it works with the somewhat older less extreme Formula fins. So you don't need expensive Kashy (like) fins, but so cheap. Deboichet R17 S appears to be THE fin for this board. Have another R13 lying around that I'm going to try as a spare fin and as a hard weather fin.

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