Windsurf Freemove Board Patrik F-Cross 113 from 2021
Freemove Board
Year 2021
Volume 113 L
Range 4,5 - 7.2
Width 64,5 cm
Length 236 cm
Finbox Powerbox
Materials Carbon Kevlar
Bought 2nd hand in November 2022,  via internet in Germany, it had to be shipped. I had been looking for an F-Cross 113 for a while, but couldn't find one in the Netherlands.
The intention is that this board will replace my JP FSW 102. The FSW 102 is really a very nice board for 5.3 and 6.0, but for 6.6 the board is actually just too small. For 5.3 I already have the Goya One 95. The One 95 and FSW 102 just have too much overlap. By taking a size larger, I hope that this board sails well with the 6.6. That would also mean that I no longer really need the iSonic 101, I only sail on the E-Type 6.6 these days. I chose the F-Cross because many boards in this size nowadays have thrusters. If it's 6.0 or 6.6 weather, there are no waves to ride waves anyway, so that's just extra weight for the fin boxes in the board.

The F-Cross is marketed as a freemove board. If you sail the foot straps in the outboard position, the board is almost a freerace board. Since I mainly sail with this board in lighter weather on flatter water, I have the foot straps in the outboard position.
Board is very easy to sail. The foot straps are exactly where you want them. Super easy to get into the foot straps and stance is really nice.
Board planes nice and early and is quite fast. With the foot straps in the outboard position, it takes a bit of getting used to jumping because it is more difficult to controle the board in the air.

Ideal sailing range: 4.7 - 6.8.
The purpose of this board is mainly to sail 6.0 and 6.6 on it. But the 5.3 also works well. Especially when the water is flatter and the wind is gusty, it is nice to have more volume.

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Board has a Powerbox, so I will mainly sail my larger Powerbox fins: 29 to 35cm. Range according to Patrik: 28-36cm

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