Windsurf Freemove Board Fanatic Freewave 104 from 2008
Freemove Board
Year 2008
Volume 104 L
Range 4,7 - 7,0
Width 63,5 cm
Length 241 cm
Weight 6,6 kg
Finbox Powerbox
Materials Carbon Kevlar Sandwich Light Finish
(machine translated in 2021) origin
Bought in November 2009 2nd hand through This Freewave 104 replaces mySkate 111. I had lost over 10 kilos and as a result theSkate 111got too big, so went looking for a replacement. From the many reports and tests, the Fanatic Freewave 104 always emerged as a top player. The 2007/2008 and 2009 models are all the same, only the print is different.

Not yet dangers
Board sails easier than mySkate 111stance is just more comfortable and he's less the water. He also sails on straighter stretches clearly easier, faster and no spinout. However, he clearly plans later on and less long. In the waves it drives much nicer on the waves, the Skate could ride against waves, but could never follow the curves nicely, this one can.

Since I started focusing on Slalom in 2010, I didn't use this board enough. I also expected not to use this board/hardly in the coming years. So it was wise to sell it immediately. Put up for sale in October 2010 and it was sold as expected.

I will mainly sail this board with my Wave sails, but I can also put the Trans-Am 5.4 or Crossride 6.0 on it.

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Normally I'll take Wave fins, but if I take free race sailing like the Trans-Am and Crossride I'll screw the Eagles under it.

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