Windsurf Slalom Board Starboard iSonic 111 from 2008
Slalom Board
Year 2008
Volume 111 L
Range 5,8 - 9,0
Width 68,5 cm
Length 234 cm
Weight 6,65 kg
Finbox Tuttlebox
Materials Wood Glass Sandwich
Since 2006 the slalom board made by Starboard. It is known for its ease of use and control. Therefore one of the easiest slalom boards to sail and also the fastest on choppy water/waves.

(machine translated in 2021) origin
Bought 2ndhands via the internet in June 2010. I had already had a year on myiSonic 115sails, great board, but the 111 2008 and 2009 seemed to be a little faster. I searched for a while, you hardly ever see iSonics in this size 2ndhands. So when I found this one and it was still in good condition also I bought it and myiSonic 115Sold.

Fast and control
I have sailed this iSonic 111 a few times now and what stands out is the speed, control and how fast the board is at speed.
In the beginning I had trouble getting in and out of the rear footbands, because of the width I had to get used to this.
Now with a setDakine Core ContourIt's a lot easier.

Sold in August 2014, the past year just hadn't sailed on, alwaysiSonic 101or122, who pleases me better for the range in which I sail them.. Put up for sale and sold within a day.

In the beginning I sailed my Daytonas on it, thenRAM F9and laterWarp F2009/F2011. Sails you can really sail on this board:7.0-8.4. Worked for me in competitions7.0not, then it is so intense water than101better. With the8.4is not really an option for competitions, you come up short with planning. Remains the7.8. Perfect, super nice combination. However, it appears that in slalom competitions with7.8weather it may not be, too deep wind holes. theiSonic 122(75 wide) is better, plans earlier, you can just sail a longer fin and the speed is hardly lower.

Fin range: 32-48cm. I started with SL7 fins, but now I have a few Deboichets and they work very well with this board. I also have an S07 39, which is even tastier than the SL7.

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