Windsurf Slalom Board Starboard iSonic 122 from 2007
Slalom Board
Year 2007
Volume 122 L
Range 6,0 - 9,5
Width 75 cm
Length 231 cm
Weight 7,1 kg
Finbox Tuttlebox
Materials Wood Glass Sandwich
Since 2006 the slalom board made by Starboard. It is known for its ease of use and control. Therefore one of the easiest slalom boards to sail and also the fastest on choppy water/waves.

(machine translated in 2021) origin
Bought 2ndhands via the internet in Belgium in September 2013, as part of a full surf set.
I had been looking for a 75 to 80cm wide iSonic for a while. This board is probably going toiSonic 111replace.

I sailed on this board for a year. TOP, fast, as fast as theiSonic 111. Perfect with 7.8, plans faster than the111"Thoupt wonderfully." You can just sail with a larger fin so that the board runs wonderfully over the chop. Only in the roughest conditions is a narrower board finer. A 7.8 you never actually sail in very tough conditions, then it does not blow hard enough. The board also works very well with 8.6. Although I'll be more likely to take the 85cm wide for competitions, which is more likely to be planned and better by wind holes. Compared to the111for me, the 122 is really a winner. the111also has an ideal size of 7.8, but planeer a little less fast. At 7.0, they're both too big in match conditions. An 8.6 on the111? As a recreational, that is really not possible, for games, the whole field is already planned for you at the next buoy.

After I get my newiSonic 117inside, put these up for sale, and as always, iSonics are sought after and always sold quickly for a good price.

I mainlyWarp 7.8sailed on this board, perfect make. Tried 8.6 once and that surprised me positively.

Fin range: 34-46cm. Under this board, the Sonntag SL-P, Boss and Select S10 fins in particular work very well. The Deboichet SL2 and Tectonics Talon also work well, but for me do not reach the level of the first 3. I've also tested other fins, work, but don't get the speed and lift the board needs to really perform top.

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