Windsurf Wave Board JP Ultimate Wave 94 from 2019
Wave Board
Year 2019
Volume 94 L
Range 4,7 - 6,2
Width 60 cm
Length 228 cm
Weight 6,4 kg
Finbox Slotbox / Mini Tuttle
(machine translated in 2021) origin
Bought 2ndhands via the internet in July 2020.

5 vinboxes
Board has 3 slot boxes and 2 mini tuttle boxes, 5 total. So you can sail as a single fin, twin, thruster or quad bike.
I'm not (yet) into the quads, so plan to ride it as a thruster for the time being.

Truly a modern waveboard, must be sailed over the front foot. On flat water it's kind of boring, but on a wave it sails like a skateboard. Turns very short and then has a lot of grip. If You tried Quad 1x, not my thing, you also have to sail over your front foot in the waves.
If Thruster sails a lot better, half wind and height is easy and in the waves you can easily turn over your back foot.
Board has a very narrow pintail which makes it very easy to turn from rail to rail and should have high wind control.

Number of times sailed, too extreme for me, has to sail too much over my front foot. After a number of times as Thruster and 1x as Quad. It's a board that needs to be sailed over your front foot, apparently that's not my thing yet. I'm going to look for a board that's a little less extreme. Also the pin-tail is not what I am looking for in a light weather waveboard.

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