Windsurf Wave Board Starboard Quad 81 from 2010
Wave Board
Year 2010
Volume 81 L
Range 4,0 - 6,0
Width 58 cm
Length 233 cm
Weight 6,56 kg
Finbox FCS / Mini Tuttle
Materials Wood Glass Sandwich
(machine translated in 2021) origin
In July 2013 2nd hand bought via internet, had some small spots around the nose, but otherwise hard and complete with 6 fins, 2 sets of front fins, 1 set of rear fins.

The Starboard Quad from 2010 was the first production Quad windsurf board ever made. What was special about the first Starboard Quads was that the front fins are bigger than the rear fins.

Boxes: FCS + Mini Tuttle
When this board came out, the Slotbox (2012) did not exist yet. So an alternative was chosen. The front fins are Mini Tuttle, with 1 bolt attached through the deck. The rear fins are FCS, from the golf surf world, resembles the Slotbox, but with then less suitable for longer fins and works with a 3/32 allen key, about 2.4mm, so doll stuff. And barely adjustable.

I found the Quad sailing very differently than I am used to from my other waveboard. Are you right on top of it, with not too much speed, bit of wide wind and then in the waves, delicious: Steers like on rails. Very reliable, never loses grip in a corner. Walk up? As the best, you feel like you don't have a lift and therefore don't walk up, but he does, weird feeling. A Quad, at least this one too, feels very sticky, not a lift from the fins, but grip. That's a weird feeling when you're used to a single fin. A nice lick of half wind is just tame, and not good. Also I didn't like tilting this Quad from Rail to Rail, my FreestyleWave is much better at that.

After sailing on it twice I felt like this wasn't going to be my thing. Put it up for sale, if I get a good price if it was to leave, otherwise I would sail it a number of times. Get a good price soon, so sold.

I sailed my 5.9 underpowered on it, I thought it was too small. 5.3 full-power was very good, according to stories 4.2 should also be very good to do, but in the end never on dangers.
I had the original set: 16/11 and the recommended hard set: 13/11 added, Starboard recommends the 13/11 combi for strong winds. I had bought a set of Front finnish: Ultra finnish 14.5cm, but also those never used.

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