Windsurf Freestyle Board Fanatic Skate 111 from 2004
Freestyle Board
Year 2004
Volume 111 L
Range 5,0 - 7,5
Width 66 cm
Length 255 cm
Weight 6,3 kg
Finbox Powerbox
Materials Carbon Kevlar Lite Finish
(machine translated in 2021) origin
Bought 2nd hand in December 2004. I actually wanted to buy an older freestyle board, but a 2002 and 2003 were just as expensive or only 50 Euro cheaper, yes then you just take the latest one anyway.

The first thing you notice when you pick up a 2004 Skate is the weight... light!! You are immediately very careful with it. This is clever work by Fanatic to make a 111 liter board with only 6.3 kilos.

Bottom Shape: Nose:
V with a small bit of Double Concave
rocker: 0mm (flat)
Plaining Flat: ?? Cm

The board is very loose on the water. Runs very easily and is very stable. Spins nicely, plans early. Only a planned gybe is a bit more difficult because of its width.
At sea it is not too extreme weather to sail, even golfing with a5.9Going well.

Since I had gained 12 kilos, the Skate 111 had become too big. I had hesitated for a while to buy a Skate 101 or something, but in the end still for the easier sailing and test winningFreewave 104gone. After purchasing theFreewaveI soon sold this Skate 111. A friend of the seller of theFreewave 104Was looking for a Skate 111, how fortuitous.

Foot straps
Only disadvantage on the board I find the rear footband. You don't have an option for double foot tires, which makes it almost impossible to sail a longer fin underneath.

I use this shelf for freemove, in low to reasonable winds. Even a5.3goes well, even if it comes into its own with5.9and6.7.
I got 2 fins at this board: The original27cmand a newMistral 25cm. The original one was already pretty worn out. For a7.5I definitely needed a bigger fin and also the6.6needs at least a 27cm. So I wanted 2Goya Freemovesbut could buy a 3rd MFC for a nice price. So I have oneStyle Masterbought to try that too. theStyle Mastergoes with a5.9Very good. the31cmin low winds I think is just too little for the7.5.

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