Windsurf Wave Board Fanatic Stubby 99 TE from 2019
Wave Board
Year 2019
Volume 99 L
Range - 6,5
Width 60 cm
Length 218 cm
Weight 7,04 kg
Finbox US-Box / Slotbox
Materials Biax Innegra Carbon
Bought 2nd hand in October 2022 via internet.
In my search for a good light wind waveboard, which fits my style and works well on the Brouwersdam, I came across this one. This seems like an interesting board to me, so bought it to give it a try.
Sailed it once, tested against my JP Wave Slate 96. The board feels a size larger then the Wave Slate. Due to the even wider tail, it planes earlier and goes upwind better. But that does have the disadvantage that it jibes less easy and is a bit less easy to turn on a wave. Since I was really looking for a board for waveriding, I chose the Wave Slate and put it up for sale.

The Wave Slate 96 fits better with what I'm looking for, sold this board.

The goal was to sail this board mainly with 4.7 and 5.3 when there are real waves. 6.0 and 4.2 would also be options. In the end only sailed a day with 4.7 on it.

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Board has a US-Box for the center fin and slotbox for the thrusters. Good fin range seems to be between 18 and 23cm center and 10 to 12cm thruster. I tested it with 21/12cm.

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