Windsurf Freemove Board F2 Style 245 from 2003
Freemove Board
Year 2003
Volume 75 L
Range 4,2 - 5,8
Width 55,8 cm
Length 245 cm
Weight 6,2 kg
Finbox Powerbox
Materials Carbon Wood Sandwich
(machine translated in 2021) origin
Bought 2nd hand in October 2007. I was looking for a replacement for myJP Wave 255. theJpis great but has a US Box. I like powerbox much better and the Style 245 is the smallest production Freestyle Wave ever built. So this might be a good replacement for myJP Wavebe.

The board has control, sails with a4.7really super nice. But overpowered with a3.7it's not super, the tail doesn't have enough rocker for that. That's with myJP WaveandAHD Pro Wavemuch better. The board is very fast: I have one on Herkingenoncewith aIce 4.7easily62 km/hbrought with you. And then jump over several waves on the run upwind: Control!

It's definitely a nice board, but not good enough to make myJP Waveto be overpowered with my3.7nice to sail. I ended up with aAHD Pro Wavethat seems more suitable for that, so sold it.

The purpose of this board is to sail it with the same fins as myJP Wave, but I think there's just a size bigger on the way.

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I sailed these with just about all the little powerbox fins I had.

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