Windsurf Freerace Board Starboard S-Type 104 from 2007
Freerace Board
Year 2007
Volume 104 L
Range 4,5 - 6,5
Width 60,5 cm
Length 239 cm
Weight 6,9 kg
Finbox Tuttlebox
Materials Technora
(machine translated in 2021) origin
Bought in April 2008 fromRoha. The one I bought just beforeF2 SX 91Was too soft to sail with, I haven't had his mis-buy yet. If it sucked so much that I bought another board in the Netherlands, I normally never do, could have been cheaper in Germany, but yes. I didn't feel like it for a while.
theF2 SX 91was intended to succeed myF2 Sputnik 230, but in the end it became this S-Type 104.

I really wanted an S-Type, seemed like my board, but didn't want wood.
Why not? Wood is lighter and stiffer, but on the other hand, in case of damage it is never good to repair, and if hair cracks appear in the layer above, you get very ugly circles in the wood.

Bottom Shape: Bit of V
rocker: 0mm (Flat)
Plaining Flat: ?? Cm
Tail Width: 39.1 cm

Sure it is, runs fast and easy. Already on the first day immediately sailed along.
Really a very nice and easy to surf board, get on and sail away.

Because of my back problems sold, the board expects to be unable to sail for the foreseeable future/years.

In terms of sailing, I have a choice for the S-Type of Racing sailing with cambers: Daytona, Warp and IQ. On water rougher, and or during a competition the Camberloze Trans-ams.
Vinrange: 28-38cm. I actually only sail Slalom fins under it. Now also have 2 freerace fins to gberuiken with more chop with my Dukes. But for that I actually have my Skate or JP FSW 84 already.

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