Windsurf Wave Sail Goya Banzai Pro 4.7 from 2019
Wave Sail
Year 2019
Battens 4
Boom 158 cm
Luff 400 cm
Materials Bi-Ply, Scrim
Bought secondhand in May 2020 together with a Goya 3.7 and 4.2 and Goya 370 mast as a set from Siem de Jong.

Control and deployment range
The Banzai's all have good control, despite the only 4 battens, the sail is very stable and can be held on to very long. Due to the two outhaul eyes, the range is very large. From minimum trim with upper outhaul eye to over max trim with lower outhaul eye makes a lot of difference: and that is super nice, saves a lot of having to rig a different sail.
The 2019 and newer Goya's have a slightly different curve than the 2018 and before. As a result, in 2020 it was not yet entirely clear which alternative masts really work well. The set came with a Goya 370, so I'm going to use that most of the time. The 4.7 can also be used on a 400cm, which I use more if the wind seems to be a bit disappointing or I expect to rig the 4.2 the same day. I also have a slightly older Goya 90% 370cm as a backup, which also seems to work, but the loose leech seems to be different.

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