Windsurf Wave Sail Goya Banzai X Pro 3.7 from 20/21
Wave Sail
Year 20/21
Battens 4
Boom 146 cm
Luff 361 cm
Materials X-Ply, Scrim
Bought used in May 2020 together with a Goya 4.2 and 4.7 and Goya 370 mast as a set from Siem de Jong.

Control and high-end
The 3.7 has a fairly long boom, which makes the sail quite stable for a 3.7. The sail has a large range, but it really has to be windy. Due to the two outhaul eyes, the range is large. Minimum trim with upper eye is quite a bit of wind to sail though. With lower eye and over max trim, the sail actually has no max. Then I can have 50 knots of wind with it, and then it's max what can be surfed any way. In this size, 4 slats is also sufficient to make sail stable enough in a strong storm.

The 2019 and newer Goya's have a slightly different curve than the 2018 and before. As a result, in 2020 it is not yet entirely clear which alternative masts really work well. The 3.7 can be rigged on a 340 and a 370cm mast. I have Hot Sails Ultra 340cm as a go-to mast for the 3.7, which is very light and makes the 3.7 very soft and gives a lot of high-end control. I also have the Goya 370 from the set I bought, which I use more when the wind seems to be a bit disappointing.

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