Windsurf Freerace Sail North Daytona 8.3 from 2005
Freerace Sail
Year 2005
Battens 7
Cambers 3
Boom 225 cm
Luff 525 cm
Materials Monofilm
(machine translated in 2021) origin
The Daytona 8.3 replaces my Dragster 8.5. This 8.3 fits better in my quiver. I bought it from Flitz in February 2009. The next day I bought my Daytona 7.3 which also went from Flitz, but I bought it from a Belgian again.

The action is good, gybed easily all the middle camber rotates a bit worse than I'm used to from the other Daytonas, maybe something of the 2005 model.

I sail it on my Viper75 490, but can also sail it on my 510cm.

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