Windsurf Crossover Sail North Duke 5.9 from 2007
Crossover Sail
Year 2007
Battens 5
Boom 179 cm
Luff 456 cm
Materials Monofilm, Triax, Xply, Duratech
(machine translated in 2021) origin
Bought in July 2007 fromSurf-Shop Keppler, together with 2 identical Ice sails:4.7and5.3and aNorth 430cm mast. This Duke 5.9 replaces myDisco 5.9.

Lighter, easier than my last one, my Disco 5.9. Due to the change of bouwijze in 2006, North is now also a rotational design the sail also feels smoother. Range is good, tuning is good, stability is good. Lovely sail. Only that new pulley is tearing down all my downhaul strings.

After 12 years, I bought a replacement. Could buy a 2008 Duke that was barely used.
So you can go down this road.


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