Windsurf Freeride Sail North E-Type 6.6 from 2018
Freeride Sail
Year 2018
Battens 6
Boom 196 cm
Luff 461 cm
(machine translated in 2021) origin
In September 2018 new, over-yearly purchased from Kater. My Crossride 6.6 turned out to be bad.
Hopefully this free race is enough for me.

Delicious freeride/freerace sail
For me the perfect mix in this size. Had several 6.6 sails. This one is perfect, a little more freerace than the Natural, so faster, more high-end. Perfect as a sail under the S-Type SL 7.3. The 6.6 is a fine size on the iSonic 101, camberless makes sailing much more pleasant due to difficult conditions. Set planned early, easier than the Warp 7.0.

Best mast is a 460cm, but alternatively it can also have a 430cm in it. I'm going to try both.

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