Windsurf Freerace Sail Gaastra GTX 7.5 from 2006
Freerace Sail
Year 2006
Battens 7
Cambers 3
Boom 218 cm
Luff 492 cm
Materials Monofilm, Darcon, Polyant
(machine translated in 2021) origin
Bought in April 2007 2nd hand as a replacement for my R-Type 7.5. theR-Type is a nice sail, but this Gaastra GTX can be Arrows 490mast. By buying these I was able to Arrows 490 for 2 sails and sell a 460. In addition, I hope that this GTX is the same kind of sail as my Arrows Dragster 8.5 andDaytona 6.6, both wonderful freerace sailing. Fast yet easy to gyben.
This sail is difficult to rig up, mast has to go through the cambers and then the cambers give a lot of pressure which makes putting mast in it is already difficult. In addition, the sail extremely much downhaul needed..

First time was super disappointing, cambers rotated impossible. 2nd time after tips from Patrick (2cm more downhaul) rotate the cambers super. The profile seems much more stable than of theDragster, Daytonaand even the T-Force. The Cambers are with great force to 1 side and fold with a lot of force, but they do that quite easily.

If trimmed properly: Gybed tasty, planned gyben is a breeze if you have enough power.

I had aNaish Redline bought, less hard profile, I find this one too hard and stiff. So this one sold.


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