Windsurf Wave Sail North Ice 4.2 from 2009
Wave Sail
Year 2009
Battens 5
Boom 162 cm
Luff 389 cm
Materials Monofilm, Triax, Xply, Duratech
(machine translated in 2021) origin
Bought in June 2011 2ndhands from a belgium, via the internet and agreed on the grevelingendam.
This Ice 4.2 replaces myVoodoo 4.2

Sail clearly feels more stable than myVoodoo 4.2. Looks more like my4.7 Ice: More stable, larger wind range, and also with minimal wind very good. The range in particular is unbelievable. The sail can be kept extremely long and if the wind is much less you will still get away. I think the relatively long boom for a 4.2: 162cm in particular contributes a lot to that.

After almost 20 years of North Sails with SDM masts I am going to switch to RDM, and if I still have to have new masts, then I can also change sailing brands. After testing at TWS, goya was chosen. So sold this sail.


I'm probably going toXC65 380cmmast in this sail, but if I could3.7and want to rig these 4.2 at the same time, I can also400cm Goldput it in this sail, although the sail will be a little less soft. With the380cmin it, the sail is really brilliant, not that the400cmbad, but the380cmmakes it so soft and gives him even more range.

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