Windsurf Freeride Sail North Natural 6.6 from 2003
Freeride Sail
Year 2003
Battens 6
Boom 202 cm
Luff 470 cm
Materials Monofilm, Triax, Duratech
(machine translated in 2021) origin
At the beginning of May 2004 I had mySlide 5.4Sold. It was for sale, but it happened so fast. Then I first looked around for 2nd hand sailing in the Netherlands, but they were as expensive as over-years from Germany. So I only ordered 3 sails there: this 6.6, a5.9and a5.3, these 3 sails replace my old5.4and6.2. With this 6.6 my range increases and the gaps between the sails become smaller.

This sail has been replaced by myDuke 6.7. The Duke fits better with my sailing style on mySkate 111.

A little more direct than my oldArrows Craze, but also so light and manageable.
The Natural is certainly faster than theCraze, especially if you have the downhaul on or past max. trimmed you can get a lot of speed with it. The sail jumps and gybed very nice. During The Mission 2004 I used the tarpaulin on myBeeinstead of myWarp 6.8. The Warp may be faster, but it allows you to twife much faster.


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