Freeride Sail
Year 2009
Battens 5
Boom 201 cm
Luff 465 cm
(machine translated in 2021) origin
Bought 2ndhands via the internet in March 2016. I had aNatural 6.6, very nice sail, then for mySkate 111replaced by aDuke 6.7. For theiSonic 101was theDukenot really suitable, so it sold and went looking again for a Natural 6.6.

It is a very relaxed sail, sails easily, feels very light. Doesn't seem to sail super early for the size, I think it's because of the only 5 slats.
Those 5 slats make it his light sail again. It's delicious. It's pretty fast.

Too little spanned for me, with 5 slats really too freeride, I bought a Crossride, just a little more freerace, so sold.

Just doing well on North 460 masts

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