Windsurf Freerace Sail North Trans-Am 5.4 from 2000
Freerace Sail
Year 2000
Battens 7
Boom 177 cm
Luff 450 cm
Materials Monofilm, Triax
(machine translated in 2021) origin
Bought in May 2008 2nd hand for 25 euros. The sail had 1 small crack and 1 large crack, both were taped with firm adhesive tape, further monofilm etc was better than myTrans-Am 6.0when I bought it. The purpose of this sail is just like my6.0to sail slalom races with a lot of wind.

Sail is nice and light in the hands, boom nice and short so gybed like a train, but is also a lot more nervous. When the wind is gusty it doesn't sail very well, sail doesn't really feel stable. Can also come because the sail is already old and stretched, fabric from the masturbator just feels soft and soft.

Given away
Since the sail did not seem suitable for hard weather slalom and myWarp F2004 5.4This sail could go away. I gave it to the buyer of myWarp F2006 6.3.


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