Windsurf Freerace Sail North Trans-Am 6.0 from 2001
Freerace Sail
Year 2001
Battens 7
Boom 190 cm
Luff 460 cm
Materials Monofilm, Triax
(machine translated in 2021) origin
Bought in September 2007 2nd hand for 25 euros. The sail did have some minor damage, but good enough for that price. The purpose of this sail is also only to sail Slalom competitions with a lot of wind. theWarp 5.8is not easy enough in terms of handling. I was really looking for a sail with speed and what easy gybed so you can focus on the board and the water, so 0 cambers.

Sure, okay, it's not a wave sail, but the sail flips over super easily. And speed is certainly enough. Ideal set with myS-Type 104. I like to use this set to race with friends on fairly flat water or during slalom competitions. You can just focus on looking for space during the gybe, the sail does what you want and does not require extra attention / effort.

I bought a newer sail,Crossride 6.0. So put this for sale for 25 euros and sold very quickly.


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