Windsurf Slalom Sail North Warp F2006 6.3 from 2006
Slalom Sail
Year 2006
Battens 8
Cambers 4
Boom 204 cm
Luff 452 cm
(machine translated in 2021) origin
Bought 2nd hand in May 2010.

This sail is very fast, have sailed with it twice, both times where the conditions are not super and both times good speeds achieved. Especially the acceleration stands out. You seem to be launching.

The sail is super stable, therefore super long to keep in gusts, I have not yet felt the sail overpowered.
I thought Gyben was not so bad, although you do feel that the sail is very rigid, it is just not a freeride sail.

Just after I bought it I was offered a RAM F8 6.3. The RAM seems to be half and downwind almost as fast, with the wind this warp is better. But the RAM, especially with the 4th camber out, is easier to gyben. For me, it's a reason to sell the Warp again. It'll be sold again in a few months.

It has a 100% 430cm in it, so my Viper Wave makes the most sense, but I could also sail the Gold in it.

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