Windsurf Slalom Sail North Warp F2014 7.8 from 2014
Slalom Sail
Year 2014
Battens 7
Cambers 4
Boom 224 cm
Luff 480 cm
(machine translated in 2021) origin
Taken over from Alexander Verhagen in November 2014. Sail was little used. I was looking for a newer Warp to sail competitions in the coming years and myF2011to be replaced

Seams broken
When I bought it, the seams of the masturbator sitting on the cambers were broken, bit stupid of North to make seams on the rollers of the cambers. That's where most of the movement and chance of wearing out is. Is now neat and well fixed.

Softer and deeper
The sail feels a little softer than the 2011 sails, which is nicer with thoupen. The profile is deeper which is very good for planning /light weather properties.

Because of my back problems, it looks like I won't be able to sail slalom stuff for a year, maybe a year. So put my newest sails up for sale and it was sold pretty quickly.

The 2014 7.8 has a shorter mast length than the 2011, so now no XTender needed, just a normal length extender and a Platinum 460cm mast. I'll usually take the 2013, should there be a difference in bend curve, the 2013 is closer to 2014 than the 2009. But the 2009 is definitely my spare mast for this sail.

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