(machine translated in 2023) Finally an hour away from work, strong wind all week and I can't get any time off. But now finally on the water. Once arrived, the wind turns out not to be as strong as expected. I had hoped for 4.7 or 5.3 but it was 5.9 and that could certainly have been a 6.6. Dry and not too cold.


Present: Bart

17:00 3 hour Wind: NW
Board: Fanatic Skate - MFC Freestyle 32cm
Sail: North Disco 5.9 - North Viper 75 430cm - Arrows Weapon Xtreme 175-225
  (machine translated in 2023) After very quick rigging up the water. Wind didn't really seem sufficient for my 5.9. Fortunately, I had caught a fin that was too big and was able to plan quite quickly. After a few laps but just being able to plan, the wind picked up again and it was still fun. Later the wind came through very hard a few times, having to pull the 5.9 completely tight to sail with it a bit. Other times completely on minimum trim to get away. All in all a nice evening, sailed until it got dark. Tricks went pretty well. After 3 attempts at carving 360 finally got one. Laydown gybes certainly went well in most winds. Switch stance didn't want anything. The ordinary Duck Gijbe went well again.