(machine translated in 2023) Cold but intense day. A new spot. Nice and close, but 35 minutes drive. Spot yourself... Within the bay you can hardly stand anywhere, not even along the side. A swimming area has been cordoned off at the parking lot. The open water is very rough at 6 to 7 Bft. Waves, very messy and for me over the wrong side.


Present: Jurjen

10:45 2.5 hour Wind: W
Board: JP Wave 255 - MFC Goya Wave 21cm
Sail: North Voodoo 4.2 - North XC60 400cm - North Progression Comp A+
  (machine translated in 2023) Set went well, the short rakes in the bay are not great with the JP Wave, you need a piece to get into plane and then with 2 feet in the foot straps, then I would have already had 1/3. But set walked quietly only wanted to on the big water is too like to jump or go fast.