(machine translated in 2023) Storm in The Netherlands, and I can get free. Finally speed surfing. Wind was too south for Herkingen so but to the Grevelingendam, corner was good there. Wind was strong, for surfing measure: 16 to 40 kts. Not really constant. Quickly rigged the Missile with IQ 5.0. Once in the water, it was only noticeable how hard the gusts were and how big the difference between flurry and no flurry. Sometimes no pressure at all, other moments not holding on at all. There was just no surfing in there. Abandoned after 15 minutes. Shortest day ever. Unfortunately, I was really looking forward to it. Conclusion, Grevelingendam with ZZW and wind force 8 is not a good speed spot. Water is flat but the wind too gusty..


13:30 0.25 hour Wind: S/SW 18/45 kts
Board: F2 Missile - MFC SL 28cm
Sail: North IQ 5.0 - North Viper Wave 430cm - North X-Composite M
  (machine translated in 2023) No idea how to sail, today there was no sailing on the Grevelingendam. 430 is actually too long for this sail, 5 to 10cm trim left. Next time rig at 400cm..