El Medano - Playa Sur

11:45 0.5 hour Wind: 12/15 kts
Board: Angulo Magnum 135 - Select VMax 2.0 49cm
Sail: Ezzy Cheetah 7.5 - North Platinum 160-220
  (machine translated in 2023) I could plan directly, had to pump a few times, but with an 85cm wide board and 49cm fin that was very effective. What was particularly striking is how quiet this set is. The Cheetah doesn't contain a monofilm, so it doesn't crackle, and the Angolu is also very, very quiet, scary quiet. Board sailed nicely, was on the big side for the sail but not too big. I couldn't really plan, the sail doesn't have the power out of the bend to keep this battleship up to speed. Also, I found the board a bit sticky and didn't feel the speed of a slalom board. But that may also have been due to the sail.
Wind slowly increased, so it became easier to plan, then I no longer need the 85cm.
12:15 0.75 hour Wind: 13/17 kts
Board: Fanatic Blast 130 Ltd - Choco Spirit C1 42cm
Sail: Ezzy Cheetah 7.5 - North Platinum 160-220
  (machine translated in 2023) Hey my old F2 Sputnik 230, but a size bigger, that's how the board feels, that's what the board looks like. Very lively and playful, a pleasure to sail. It's easy, although I couldn't really get them planned. Even made a few small jumps.
13:15 0.75 hour Wind: 14/18 kts
Board: Goya One 105 - MFC Freewave 28cm/Makani Kaku 26cm
Sail: Goya Banzai 6.3 - North Platinum 140-190
14:00 1 hour Wind: 14/20 kts
Board: Angulo CV1 100 - Choco Spirit C1 36 cm
Sail: Goya Banzai 6.3 - North Platinum 140-190
  (machine translated in 2023) Nice, wow what a nice board. Top freerider, fast, easy, glides easily and also jumps like crazy. At 1 jump from a small wave I even went really far into the air, not expected with a 6.3. The sail was doing well now, lightly, it was nice. Duck hostage made.
Vin was in front of the board and sail a bit on the large side, walked very easily height, 2 to 4cm smaller would have been even nicer.