El Medano - Playa Sur

10:30 2 hour Wind: 14/21 kts
Board: Goya Bolt 105 - Tribal Powermax 36cm
Sail: North E-Type 6.6 - North Platinum 160-220
  (machine translated in 2023) So, this is a nice set. Get on and make friends right away. Only put the foot straps a little smaller so that I could put my feet on the rail. Sails wonderfully, is delicious, is fast, gives control. The E-Type is definitely a fine sail, hopefully my Crossride 6.6 is a bit similar. But this Goya 105, I want it too. I already liked the 115, but I think the 105 is pretty spot on for 6.3 and 7.0. It may replace my iSonic 101. As easy as this board sails, and yet so fast. Little match racing with the Warps on the water. Okay, when sailing away after a hostage I missed power in the E-Type.

Had a Tribal fin underneath, no idea what and what the length was.