14:00 3 hour Wind: NW 20/35 kts
Board: RRD Freestyle Wave Ltd v4 96 - MFC Freewave 30cm
Sail: RRD Style Pro MK5 4.8
  (machine translated in 2023) Sail seemed too much downhaul, or because of the 4 slats not stable enough, I pulled the sail closed in a flag went all the top open and all the pressure was gone. Sail wasn't super stable either. Well this is a freestyle sail and it should work a bit like this. Unfortunately, there was nothing else left to rent at TWKC in this size, so you do it with it. After some trimming I get the sail reasonably to my liking, wind also increased and that also helps. I think at the end I sailed with the top all the way open. Board is great, bit big, but there was nothing smaller. Jumps wonderfully. Only in the hard gusts at the end it became tricky, board really caught too much wind. Hostage riding was easy.
Was an RDM mast in it, guess RRD, and also the boom was an RRD, an aluminum thing.
Rented a trapeze.