14:15 1 hour Wind: NW 15/25 kts
Board: RRD Firestorm Wood v2 101 - RRD RC2 38cm
Sail: Point-7 AC-F 5.4
  (machine translated in 2023) Set sailed nicely, trapeze lines were on the small side, so boom was set slightly lower to keep my posture somewhat nice. Board and fin work very well together. Never spinouts, fin was a bit big for the sail, could have used at least 2 or 4 cm smaller. But again not so big that the board got a tailwalk, although I think my boom was too low for that. After only a few attempts, Gijpen went ahead and planned.
Board gives enough control over the chop. Similar in feel to the Goya Bolt than a Futura. Feels vibrant and fun.
Had an SDM mast in it, guess a Point-7 with little carbon, felt heavy and slow. Boom was a Severne Aluminum, just solid, nothing special. A trapeze rented, simple RRD thing, was fine.