First time since my accident
I had hoped for a nice easy day cruising when I would see if I could go surfing again. Wind 20 to 25 knots predicted, decreasing in stength, perfect.
There was good weather predicted, so gone.

Chosen to go to Kabbelaarsbank, that is the spot I know best, I sail with the most confidence and there is always the option to sail in shallow water.
At Kabbelaarsbank a lot of 5.0 sails on the shore. Decreasing wind, so rigger 5.3. Would be the first time to use the JP FSW 102, but the extra volume makes it more relaxed.

Started with JP Freestyle Wave 102, North Ice 5.3 and Makani Ono 28 cm
This was the first time with the FSW 102, get up and go, really easy, got on the plane immediate. Within a few meters already a chop-hop, first jibe: fully planing. Soon got the feel for the board, felt comfortable, dared to do more, pushed a bit more.
It soon became the jump, speed up, harder about the chop board let more freely, wavy look, jump, enjoy. Board ran what bad altitude, sailing bit on the large side.

Switched fins:JP Freestyle Wave 102, North Ice 5.3 and MFC Freewave 29 cm
Bit more downhaul in the sail. Wind had picked up. Fin worked better, went upwind better, less spin outs. Jibing went sometimes trickier because the wind actually was too hard for the sail size. But board was still easy to control. Jumping, even went in the hard gusts, still with control: enjoying this!

Nice to be back on the board. Especially with this kind of weather really enjoying it. If it's going well in this nasty chop, I should be able to go to the sea again. Slalom with small sails may still a too far, But it will come again. For now happy that I can sail again.


16:30 0.5 hour Wind: SW 19/27 kts
Board: JP Freestyle Wave 102 Pro - Makani Ono 28cm
Sail: North Ice 5.3 - North Gold(b) 400cm - Aeron V-Grip 160-210
  First time with the JP Freestyle Wave 102: immediately friends. Had been a half year since I had been windsurfing, but this was easy going. First jibe was directly fully planing. Board feels lively, control, pops well, not sure feels great. 28 cm Makani One appears a bit small. Needs a bit of effort to get upwind, cross-wind is good. Some spin outs when too much pressure on the back foot.
17:00 1 hour Wind: SW 19/30 kts
Board: JP Freestyle Wave 102 Pro - MFC Freewave 29cm
Sail: North Ice 5.3 - North Gold(b) 400cm - Aeron V-Grip 160-210
  The MFC Freewave 29 seems to be a bit better than the Makani Ono 28 cm, enough pressure to get upwind. Wind had also increased, often really max out. Board runs looser over the chop. Jibes and jump still great. Nice board.