Summer in October, but no good wind
23 degrees on 12 October, and wind, then you should go surfing.
Unfortunately the direction SSE, that is not the best direction.

There were a few surfers on de Punt, most were on 7.0 slalom sails.
I rigged the Crossride 6.6 with 101 iSonic. Broken a clip of the AL360, so took a wave boom.
Finished rigging: wind gone. Waited some time to see if the wind came back, but that didn't seem to happen.
So rigged a large set. Did not want to take the 9.0, so went for the 8.0: stupid.

iSonic 127 with Warp 8.0 and Boss 44 cm
Near the shore, there was almost no wind. Further from shore there was more wind. There I could get planing by pumping in the gusts.
Marius was with his foil and 6.5 race sail clearly quicker to plane.
The few rakes where we sailed together in plane I was was faster with the 8.0. And I was barely powered, could not get the board to walk really freely.
Planing jibes ware not possible today, to little wind.

The weather was great. And as expected is never the best wind: SSE. Then again, it was not the right stuff.
Not my best day, but nice to have some time on the water. Good to known that I can still pump a board onto a plane, even though I'm not in top condition.

De Punt

Present: Marius (SurfinTwin)

16:00 1.25 hour Wind: S/SE 10/15 kts
Board: Starboard iSonic 127 - Boss 4.32 S- 44cm
Sail: North Warp F2010 8.0 - North Platinum(11) 460 - HPL Carbon Race 200-285
  Wind to minimal, only with pumping in the gusts I could get planing.
The 8.0 can work on the iSonic 127, specially with less wind, but then with a different fin, and a little more wind.
Once planing, I could get upwind a bit. But I think a more powerful vin really would have been better.