El Medano 2020 day 2: Good wind
Wave Clinic with Colin Dixon, day 1.
Started early today, we wanted to sail before high tide, because at high tide there is lest wind near the beach.
Wind seemed a little less than yesterday: so size bigger sail than yesterday

Flikka 103 with Blade 5.3
The 103 from TWS is clearly not a big brother of the 92, different shape, more freewave. Foot straps are slightly wider, therefore less fixed stance in the straps.
Colin also forced me to sail with larger footstraps, which should be safer and better.
Near the beach the set was perfect, could plane directly from the beach and had good pressure in the sail with waveriding. However further outward really too big.

With high tide it became time for lunch and equipment discussion.
at 14:45 we went back on the water, wind had increased slightly, so took yesterday's set again:

Flikka 92 with Blade 4.7
I like this board a lot better than the 103. Foot straps are also more on the middle of the deck, easier. Board is also a little more forgiving.
Getting upwind needs sailing over the front foot for going upwind, but cross wind can you can put some pressure on the fins.
Tried a bit of wave riding, back-side went well, but really frontside is trickier.

In between, also briefly sailed with the set of Colin Dixon: Goya Quad 4 Custom and Banzai Pro 5.0.
No success, foot straps far too big, harness lines way too long, quad: so you really always have to sail over your front foot. That whole combination, really didn't like it, gave it back very quickly.

Lesson 2: F1 start helps a lot: a few steps run in shallow water and jump directly onto the board.

Was a lovely day, nice first day of the clinic, not yet a lot of explanation, but most time was spend watching us sail and see what we need to learn. Wind was very good, but near the beach again less wind than outside.

El Medano - Playa Sur

10:15 1.5 hour Wind: 18/30 kts
Board: Flikka Thruster 103
Sail: Severne Blade 5.3 - North Platinum 160-220
  Sailed with the original fins.
On the inside set worked well, on the outside actually too big, but still doable. Jibes went easily, but board sails really different from the Flikka 92 that TWS also has. Feels a whole lot bigger.
14:45 1.75 hour Wind: 15/32 kts
Board: Flikka Thruster 92
Sail: Severne Blade 4.7 - North Platinum 160-220
  Sailed with the original fins.
Very nice set, board didn't feel too big for the 4.7. on-shore and down-the-line golf riding possible. Jumping wasn't great, but this is not my direction. The Blade has an incredable high-end, can be sailed very, very long. On the inside this was top again, but on the outside actually too big, but with the Blade I was still able to sail.
16:30 0.25 hour Wind: E
Board: Goya Custom 4 Pro 89
Sail: Goya Banzai Pro 5.0
  Sailed with Colin Dixon's set. Set didn't work for me. Lines too long: 34 inches, I sail something like 31 inches on mn wave set. Thin diameter boom, I don't like myself either. What about foot straps? Didn't even know they could be this big. And that on a quad bike? 2 runs and I was exhausted, far too tense sailing. Maybe try again later, but with a set that is more trimmed to my liking.