Cold evening session
On arrival at the dam hardly any wind. Stefan went on the water with 5.3 and foil. I could probably plane with 7.3, but wind has yet to increase, so waited for the wind.
While waiting, a seal swam by, twice, very close to the beach, never seen a seal in the wild so well.
Ended up rigging the same set as yesterday: JP FSW 102 with Goya Banzai 6.0 and MFC 29cm
Mast foot 1cm more forward, boom half a cm down, that helped, set got upwind and cross wind easier. It was almost a repeat of yesterday, wind a little less, waves just a little nicer. Less jumping, but more back-side waveriding. It was sometimes possible to get 2 to 3 hits on 1 wave.
Sailed until the 6.0 with minimum trim was again too small to be able to plane properly.

Less sun, so colder, wind was quite good, nice sailing. When are we going to get SW wind again?

Brouwersdam Zuid

Present: Henk

16:15 2.5 hour Wind: N
Board: JP Freestyle Wave 102 Pro - MFC Freewave 29cm
Sail: Goya Banzai Pro 6.0 - Goya Hunderd Pro 430 - AL360 E3 Carbon 160-220
  Started with the lower outhaul eye, until wind declined, then switched to the upper eye: much more pressure.
Mast foot a little further forward, could get a bit better upwind compared to yesterday. As a result, board less free on the water, so a little more trouble with the chop.
Back-side waveriding sometimes went quite well, some longer lines, sometimes even 3 hits. Set jumps nicely if you can find a steep wave.
Sail at the end at minimum trim.