Happy ending
Prediction: around 3 o'clock the wind would become perfect. Arrived at 14:00 at the dam. Everyone on the beach waiting for wind.
Rig something big and wait, maybe you have to change the rig when the wind is stronger.

Goya Banzai 6.0 and JP FSW 102 with MFC 29cm
Floating, a lot of floating. Sometimes a gust that was hard enough to get planing. Especially back to the beach, using a wave I could sometimes get planing. Wind was just too minimal, even with minimum trim it was too little wind. Henk and Kees went to rig 7.0 and 7.5. I didn't feel like taking the 8.3, that would have been really necessary to be able to plane all the time. At 17:00 the wind turned direction and switched on. Back side wave riding, some nice waves could be found. Gybing went like like on rails, almost everone planing. Jumping with left foot front and foot straps in out board position not quite my thing yet: need to practice more.

Around 7 it would get dark. At half past 6 big dip in the wind. Floated to the beach and stopped.
It was a long wait for the real wind. But that 1.5 hours wind and sun made up for a lot.


Present: Henk (Ouwe)

15:00 3.5 hour Wind: SW
Board: JP Freestyle Wave 102 Pro - MFC Freewave 29cm
Sail: Goya Banzai Pro 6.0 - Goya Hunderd Pro 430 - AL360 E3 Carbon 160-220
  First few hours the set was really too small, even with minimal trim barely being able to plane. Bobbing upwind went ok. If I could get planing, the 32cm would have been better. After 17:00 the set was top: medium trim. Set was fast, control. Jibing went great. Bit of jumping.