12 September 2011: Schotsman Surfspot
(machine translated in 2018) Tree mounted movie of a rak half wind, full power with the RAM F10 6.3. Marco from above you see next to me. This video gives a good idea of the speed of a surf board: 50 a 55 km/h (Robert)

10 August 2011: De Punt
(machine translated in 2018) First movie with my GoPro Hero Wide, mounted on my Fly-Mount. Very nice image, unfortunately worked the GoPro completely allowing me but had a few short clips. (Robert)

09 July 2011: Kabbelaarsbank
(machine translated in 2018) Movie of the WWT training. Movie is made in the evening when the water was calmer and half of the participants home. Yes: Steven van broeckhoven (BEL-72) on a slalom board!! (Roel Swijnenburg / Coen Swijnenburg)

01 May 2011: Grevelingendam
(machine translated in 2018) Images of a slalom heat of the 2nd day of the BK on the grevelingendam 2011. I is unfortunately not in this heat. (Patrick van Hoe)