23 December 2014: warm winter session

Wednesday 24 December 2014

(machine translated in 2018) Delicious winter surf day. Wind was still falling, exchanged between all Exchange: JP FSW 84 Pro with Ice 4.7 and AHD Pro Wave 253 4.2 with Ice. Nice to get ff to surf. Which is certainly not too cold, too bad the wind bit changes. [Read...]

Less and less large windsurfing sails

Wednesday 10 December 2014

(machine translated in 2018) The new 2015 sails are for sale. What stands out, big sails seem to die out. North Sails, largest free race sail: S-Type SL 8.8, 10 years back had still the Daytona 10.5 North Sails in the program. Neil Pryde has the largest free race sailing the Hornet: 8.7, in 2008 there was a v8 10.0. [Read...]

Finally clarity: North Platinum 2014 490 cm

Thursday 20 November 2014

(machine translated in 2018) There was a lot of ambiguity about the 2014 North Sails Platinum 490 cm mast. There should be 2 different Platinum 490 cm masts are made in 2014. However, there was nowhere to find information from North on this, and also on the mast is nothing. Now there is finally clarity. [Read...]

08 November 2014: Time for the winter wetsuit

Sunday 09 November 2014

(machine translated in 2018) And then it was cold: 12 degrees. Beautiful day to F2014 to test my new Warp 7.8. What trimming and testing. isonic 117 below. Few different fins tested for this set: Sonntag SL-P 42 cm, Tectonics Talon 42 cm, Select S10 43 cm. Good day to good trim. [Read...]

02 November 2014: A day of good weather in November

Monday 03 November 2014

(machine translated in 2018) Started with 101, Warp iSonic 7.0 and Venom 36 cm. Nasty chop. Difficult not to fly. Wind very hard: JP FSW 84 Pro with Ice 5.3 getting caught. Wind road. No easy day. Had previously set my wave. There it was actually better for. [Read...]

26 October 2014: Final Regiocup of 2014: again no wind

Monday 27 October 2014

(machine translated in 2018) There was beautiful wind predicts, we got nothing. Many attempts have been made to start, but to no avail, no dangers race this year in South Regiocup. What a pity. [Read...]

 Helemaal rechts vooraan zie je mijn NED-118 zeilnummer in mijn blauwe R-Type 9.5

19 October 2014 2014: NK Slalom Brouwersdam: Day 2

Monday 20 October 2014

(machine translated in 2018) Finish Elimination 2: C final: parked at the first buoy. Lost too many places. Elimination 3: went well, it was good after the second buoy: big crash. C-final: Peter and Bram boating wrong course: stupid. I fall a few times, but by many errors and failure of the rest still 1st. Elimination 4: high winds, many call abandonment: very easy to the B-final: exits: it was heavy! become 6deUiteindelijk 18th this year. [Read...]

18 October 2014: NK Slalom Brouwersdam: Day 1

Sunday 19 October 2014

(machine translated in 2018) Elimination 1: little to no wind. For round not met: C-final: sharp To start, but no flag on the boat. 5th: false start Anyway. Latest. then the wind was gone. 9.5 ff yet tried, could just planing. Elimination 2-preliminary round: too little wind. Could hardly planing. [Read...]

Close-fighting: Vechten voor mijn plekje bij de eerste boei. Gat bij de boei dicht houden zodat er niemand tussen kan en wind uit zeil kan halen, 2 man waaronder John Munten op mijn hielen. Altijd tof dit soort gevechten.

16 October 2014: Light wind training for the NK

Friday 17 October 2014

(machine translated in 2018) For light training again for the Nr: new R-Type 9.5 testing/trimming to zeeland, more wind so then but iSonic 117 trimming. isonic 117 with Warp 7.8 and SL-P 42 cm. Wind away: iSonic 127 with 9.5 and R-Type SL-P 51 cm. Wind back again the iSonic 117. Was very useful to the R-Type 9.5 to rig and to trim. [Read...]

24 September 2014: Afternoon training with my new iSonic 117

Thursday 25 September 2014

(machine translated in 2018) New iSonic 117 tested, F2014 7.8 Warp it and different fins there under tested: Select S10 45 cm, Makani Kauila v2 42 cm, Sonntag SL-P 40 cm and 42 cm. On feeling seems to be the Sonntag SL-P 42 cm. AL360 had a lot of slack, bolts completely unrelated [Read...]

Foto van de Makani Kauila v2 42cm onder mijn nieuwe iSonic 117, net getest. Controle!

21 September 2014: Day of playing at sea

Tuesday 23 September 2014

(machine translated in 2018) Tasty Sunday with wind and warm weather. 5.3 ice on the FSW 84. 5.9 quickly exchanged for Ice. Play nice with the waves. Jump fell against, no steep waves. Dynfiber Blacklunar V-Grip like it very well. [Read...]

 Druk met kiters, ben steeds niet te ver door gevaren, daar werd het echt druk met kiters en waren ook minder golven om mee te spelen.Lekker dagje brouwersdam, druk met kiters, maar voldoende plek voor de surfers om te genieten.

30 August 2014: Fins testing at de Punt

Sunday 31 August 2014

(machine translated in 2018) isonic 127 with Warp 8.6 and different fins: Boss Boss 4.3 6.0 S-49 cm, S-47 cm and Sonntag SL-R 46 cm. Afterwards the new Makani Kauila v2 get caught: 44 cm: too small for the 127, so the iSonic 122 getting caught. First impression of vin: Rest rest rest. What gives those vin a rest. Best good impression of the Kauila v2. [Read...]

Vinnen testen op de punt, beetje grijs dagje, maar lekker windje.Menno kan niet naar links gijpen, dus dan maar overstag.Menno probeerd nog zich te redden na een keer overstag. Denk je dat het hem is gelukt?Volle bak trainen met de Warp 8.6 op de iSonic 127.Gijpje met de deur: iSonic 127 in de bocht.

New Makani Kauila v2

Tuesday 26 August 2014

(machine translated in 2018) Set Makani Kauila v2 fins got to test it. See and feel good, a lot of sense to test them. [Read...]

23 August 2014: Day of fins testing

Sunday 24 August 2014

(machine translated in 2018) With Patrick van Mol lookup been the fastest vinneniSonic 122 with Warp 7.8 hazards: Boss SL-P, Sonntag 4.21 40 cm 42 cm, Tectonics Talon 44 cm, Deboichet SL2 42 cm, Makani Kauila LW 42 cm, Select S10 41 cm and Select S1 Slam XL 41 cm tested: S10 41 cm seems to be the winner. Tabou Manta 69, Mauisails TR-X 7.0, Select V-Max 2.0 39 cm tested: Aeronsport V-Grip: Great boom! [Read...]

18 August 2014: One hour gybe training

Tuesday 19 August 2014

(machine translated in 2018) Prediction seemed top for the Grevelingendam, South so: Herkingen. Same set as yesterday: 101 with Warp 7.0 and Sonntag 35cmWind iSonic turned to WNW, super flat. Jibes with 2 fingers in your nose. Wind fell not completely gone. [Read...]

17 August 2014: Afternoon gybe training at Herkingen

Monday 18 August 2014

(machine translated in 2018) Not to sea, Herkingen: hard again slalom training. isonic 7.0 101, Warp and Sonntag SL-P 35 cm dangers. Wind was gusty. Was sometimes tricky to chop on jibes. Better yet can go to Bouwersdam. [Read...]

16 August 2014: Afternoon slalom on the Grevelingendam

Sunday 17 August 2014

(machine translated in 2018) Finally some wind for the Grevelingendam. isonic 122 with Warp 7.8 dangers. Different fins tested: Boss Boss 4.21 4.3 38 cm, 40 cm, Sonntag SL-P 40 and 42 cm. Was another great day. [Read...]

Slalom board and sailing test 2014

Thursday 14 August 2014

(machine translated in 2018) The English Windsurf magazine has put new test online. This time 2014 Slalom boards and sailing. They have slalom board around the 115 litres tested, and sailing around the 7.8 m 2. Good clear test, though they have sometimes not quite similar boards and sails are compared. [Read...]

10 August 2014: De Punt crash

Monday 11 August 2014

(machine translated in 2018) After yesterday, today little broke. On the Point. Wind anything S-Type 104 with 5.9 and Venom Duke 32 cm fin, were steep waves, so little jump and jibes. It looked like the BK Crash. Game of who best can crash. We still have a lot of fun had the photos. [Read...]

09 August 2014: Best surfing day of the year

Sunday 10 August 2014

(machine translated in 2018) All day long with Freestyle Wave 84 with 5.3 and MFC 24 Onshore Ice: perfect. Sand bank was impossible. Witchcraft Shaman 84 by Henk as tested. Only small blemish on the day: life rafts to the sandbar. [Read...]

Lekker weer op de brouwersdam, zonnende mensen op het strand en met een wave setje lekker spelen in de golven: Zeldzaam!Heerlijk weer, levert mooie foto's op. Lekker genieten op de Brouwersdam. Genieten van het lekker weer, beetje weinig wind, minimale trim, om nog wat te planeren. Waterstart: Zeil en haar nog helemaal nat.Heerlijk weer, genieten op de Brouwersdam! Vol in plane.