22 November 2016: Sunny November morning

Wednesday 23 November 2016

(machine translated in 2018) Prediction: this morning was still wind, to hour or 1, then quickly decreasing. So I was early in Zeeland. Only a single surfer at Kabbelaarsbank. Few hours tested many different fin configurations under JP FSW 84 Pro 4.7 with the Ice. I start to feel reasonably at which fins good and which work less. Which fins for which and when work well. Very happy with the extra options under the JP FSW 84 Pro. It was delicious sunny. [Read...]

17 November 2016: FreestyleWave with Thrusters test

Friday 18 November 2016

(machine translated in 2018) Finally the converted 84 Freestyle Wave Pro with Thrusters test. Few hours with the Ice block dam on the dangers arising from the 84 5.3 FSW. Wind direction to southern for the lowdown. Number of different setups tried. Very fun and educational. It was less hot than yesterday, but have certainly not had cold. Wind was good, unfortunately he fell away quickly. [Read...]

16 November 2016: Sunny November afternoon: Set was just a bit too small

Thursday 17 November 2016

(machine translated in 2018) Few hours at Natural High dangers, very quiet, but just light winds. With the Ice 5.3 on the Syncro 103 dangers. Too many floated around, difficulty with altitude. The weather was good, had better deal with the 6.6. But nice to get on the water. [Read...]

06 November 2016: rainy Sunday morning, almost swimming

Tuesday 08 November 2016

(machine translated in 2018) On the Grevelingendam turned out to be the the WSW at 5 mph, always tricky. So opted for a slightly larger set. isonic 101 with the Trans-Am 6.6, only bought to see if a better fit than the more free race 6.6 me pure freeride Natural. Unfortunately with not paying attention with rig up: in the middle of the Grevelingen: pop, sailing slack. First reaction: cleaner string broken, torn sail? No, top put out through the top of the mast trunk! Oops. Should bother surfing back to the side, there turned out to be there. Again rigging and go. Not the best day, cold, many rain, first hour was the best. [Read...]

September 29, 2016: first autumn day of the year

Friday 30 September 2016

(machine translated in 2018) Finally a good SW predicted. Because of conversion of my JP FSW 84 Pro I had to borrow a board: M. Fanatic Freewave 86, thereupon the Ice 4.7. Still on M. JP Freestyle Wave sail, 84 Pro 2013 fun, I now look forward to my own converted FSW with extra thrusters. Wind rose significantly and even here at my JP SingleThruster Pro 75. Not the best day of the year, wind fell out. [Read...]

16 September 2016: Afternoon Super Lightwind

Saterday 17 September 2016

(machine translated in 2018) Late afternoon just enough wind to sail. Started with the iSonic 117 and my just purchased Warp 8.0, but there turned out to be the wind actually too minimal for. Nice moment to my JP Super 90 Lightwind give it a go try: S-Type 9.5. What is that thing big and especially wide in the back, who has a need, even the 70 cm long fin works really still under. It was a beautiful afternoon to light again to test stuff. [Read...]

Foto van de Busca Fr R35 70cm onder mijn JP SLW 90Foto van mijn JP Super Lightwind 154 90cm breedFoto van mijn lichtweer setje na de eerste keer samen testen: JP Super Lightwind 90 met S-Type 9.5 en de Busca 70cm eronder.Foto van mijn North Sails Warp F2010 8.0, net nadat ik er voor het eerst mee had gevaren.

21 August 2016: Afternoon at sea

Monday 22 August 2016

(machine translated in 2018) Surfing with Juanfer day 2, this time at sea. W/SW predicts. I Syncro 103 with Ice, Juanfer 5.3 4.7 the FSW 84 with Ice. Weird weather, wind turned NW, awkwardly at the block dam. The rain had not needed today, but the wind was good. [Read...]

20 August 2016: Sunny afternoon at de Punt

Sunday 21 August 2016

(machine translated in 2018) Surfing with Juanfer day 1. I started with the iSonic 127 and Daytona 7.8 and later the Mistral Syncro 5.9 103 with Duke. 7.3 the iSonic Juanfer 117 with Spirit. Even when I was full-power with the sailing was Juanfer 5.9 (10 kg lighter) still on the 117 with the 7.3: "I'm fine, it is narrower then the 9.5 I'm used to." Was a very fun day, was very cozy with Juanfer. Class, good weather. [Read...]

13 August 2016: S2 Maui test day

Sunday 14 August 2016

(machine translated in 2018) S2 Maui test day on the Kabbelaarsbank. isonic 117 with Daytona 7.8 dangers and a while the S2 Maui Banshee 7.6 tested: airy and easy sailing sailing. Class with the Daytona 7.8 on the 117, and fine I Fabienne with the Daytona still tracking. [Read...]

12 August 2016: sunny evening at Kabbelaarsbank

Saterday 13 August 2016

(machine translated in 2018) End of the afternoon wind predicted, so a few hour packed with the meat. 6.6 on the iSonic 101 natural hazards, for the first time agree with carbon fins. Was a nice evening, wind was gusty, but was good. Bad news: Benno and Fabienne I could not keep with the Natural. Jibes I can happily still better. [Read...]

Mooie foto van de GoPro: Laydown gijp op de KabbelaarsbankMooie foto, tegen de schittering op het water van de zon in: Laydown gijp.

07 August 2016: Gusty afternoon surfing with a lot of friends

Monday 08 August 2016

(machine translated in 2018) We had agreed to go surfing and surf with friends after a BBQ. It was very busy on the Kabbelaarsbank. Started with the iSonic 101 with Natural 6.6 and S10 37 cm, which was often far too great. But wind was very gusty, and behind the port it was worse. Then the Syncro with Ice 5.3 getting caught. Yet but wise the extra volume 5.3, seemed like a good idea with this gusty wind. Was delicious, easy. It was not the best surfing day of the year, before that it was the wind way too gusty. [Read...]

Lekker freeriden met de Natural 6.6 op de iSonic 101.Heerlijk gijpen: Vlak water op Kabbelaarsbank, met de Natural 6.6 op de iSonic 101.Sail-flip:Halverwegen een gijp, super easy met de Natural 6.6Planing out of the gybe. Gijp bijna afgerond, achterste voet nog net niet in de voetbanden.

04 August 2016: another afternoon at sea

Friday 05 August 2016

(machine translated in 2018) Another day with wind predicted, another afternoon of smoking. Wind similar, so again for the same set of chosen: JP Freestyle Wave 84 with 5.3 Ice but now with the Select Wave Warrior 24 cm. Wind was on the water less, giving you more west parallel to the side and so also compared to the waves. Few very beautiful waves know. 3 a 4 hits, even a aerial-of-the-lip done. Was pretty quickly tired, not crazy to yesterday. Was a nice afternoon, plenty of sunshine, fairly constant breeze, there were nice wavy. [Read...]

03 August 2016: Afternoon at sea

Thursday 04 August 2016

(machine translated in 2018) Grey, but dry afternoon browsing the Brouwersdam. 1 set used: JP Freestyle Wave 84 with 5.3 Ice and Makani Kaku 26cmIn first it was low tide, waves, barely at the end was the flood and the waves were also gone. First time with the Kaku 26 cm: after sanding the print a top fin. Sometimes I had better with the 4.7. The 5.3 was often too big for the good one. [Read...]

11 July 2016: finally back on sea

Tuesday 12 July 2016

(machine translated in 2018) For the first time in 1.5 years finally on sea hazards. Wind was harder than predicted. 4.2 all day with the Ice hazards. Started with the AHD, ideal for the harder wind, when that went are switched on the JP FSW 84. Was a top, clear blue afternoon sky. There were even a few girls in bikini to swimming. Some careful jumping. [Read...]

Flying into the sun! Vette screenshot van mn GoPro.  Lekker springen bij de Blokkendam! Vette screenshot van mn GoPro.Take off! Mooi screenshot van mn GoPro, mooie spray als ik los kom van de golf. Je kunt mooi zien hoe ik door de golf heb gesneden.Lekker springen op zee. Board mooi omhoog. Je kunt de K-one vin zelfs zien. Mooi screenshot van mn GoPro.Lekker vliegen op zee. Mooi screenshot van mn GoPro

10 July 2016: Afternoon of beach and good surfing

Monday 11 July 2016

(machine translated in 2018) There was significant wind predicted, rising from 16:00 to 20:00Eerst with friends on the beach, then to Kabbelaarsbank to ff good to sail. Started with the iSonic 127, S-Type 9.5 and SL-P 51 cm. In early minimal, wind rose slowly to that much was too large, direct switched on: iSonic 101 with Natural 6.6 and S10 37 cm. Diet by dangers to those also was too large. It was delicious, hot weather, nice breeze, bit gusty. Not too busy on the water. [Read...]

09 July 2016: cruising, warm weather

Sunday 10 July 2016

(machine translated in 2018) Wind forecast took towards the weekend, but there was still 12 a 16 knots predicted. Delicious the time taken to Daytona 9.0 on the Epic 520 cm mast to trim and to try different fins. 47 cm Boss is on the small side, the C3 D2 52 cm and Select 50 cm seem very good, very different and both are not too large. Weather was great, nice and warm and fine breeze to have a good trim for the 9.0. [Read...]

Foto van mijn Daytona 9.0. Hij is oud maar weinig gebruikt, maar nog steeds een top zeil.Lichtweer setje voor vandaag: iSonic 127, Daytona 9.0. Nu met de Select 50cmFoto van mijn Select Custom 50cm. (Ja, daar staat echt niks op, helemaal zwart!)

18 June 2016: Good afternoon Grevelingendam

Sunday 19 June 2016

(machine translated in 2018) There was LESS THAN 5 MPH wind predicted, only was the forecast every day changing between nothing and wind force 6. Good afternoon of cruising on the Syncro 103 with Natural 6.6 and Select SRX 38 cm. Be some with the Ice 5.3 tried when it blew as hard, but the wind was less quickly. Nice afternoon, great dangers. [Read...]

May 23, 2016: Surf day in Corsica

Tuesday 24 May 2016

(machine translated in 2018) First day of vacation and immediately much wind predicted, at Windsurfing Bonifacio a set of rented and there a few hours class. RRD Freestyle Wave 94 and 106 with a RRD Move 4.7. Flat crystal clear water, reasonably warm temperature and a gusty offshore winds. A sand bank to a bit to jump on small waves. The surf centre has a very nice view of the relaxed and friendly. It was enjoy, beautiful environment, Sun, nice and warm. [Read...]

Heerlijk surfen op Corsica: Bonifacio. Wat is het er toch mooi.Heerlijk surfen op Corsica: Bonifacio. Eind van een gijp. Mooie foto van de RRD MoveHeerlijk surfen op Corsica: Bonifacio. Springen op de zandbank.Heerlijk surfen op Corsica: Bonifacio. Lekker springen op de zandbank, als je de golven in dit glas heldere water kunt zien.Heelijk surfen op het prachtige Corsica: Bonifacio. Mooie omgeving, prachtig helder water. Vandaag dikke wind vlagen.

May 15, 2016: Good afternoon Grevelingendam

Friday 20 May 2016

(machine translated in 2018) There was quite the weekend wind predicted, cosy with Martijn and Jeroen dangers. Started the Syncro 103 with Natural 6.6, which I wanted to very much like testing, in retrospect this set was just too small for the beautiful. The iSonic 117 with Daytona 7.8 was there in against perfect. By dangers to the wind and myself were on. This was the last session for the holidays. [Read...]

May 13, 2016: last warm day with some wind

Sunday 15 May 2016

(machine translated in 2018) Tomorrow is the colder, do it fast. Almost no wind upon arrival, wind took all day. Dangers with the iSonic 117 with S10 45 cm and Daytona 7.8. Wind was in the beginning very gusty and woozy, with the cold come better wind. The chop was firm and it was set too large, in the Bay class for a while. Post something to fanatic dangers, I would still take it easy to do. [Read...]