Windsurf Wave Board Fanatic Grip TE 93 from 2023
Wave Board
Year 2023
Volume 93 L
Range < 6,2
Width 59.5 cm
Length 226 cm
Weight 6,6 kg
Finbox Slotbox / Slotbox
Materials Biax Innegra Carbon
Bought from Jordy Vonk in October 2023, board had only been used a few times.
I had been looking for a Grip 92/93 for a while. I've had a Tri-Wave 89, very nice board, but it just seemed a bit too small and too old. Sailed on the JP Wave Slate for a while. Very nice board, very happy with it, but I don't like the cut-back in back-side wave riding, I think this is because of the wide tail, that's why I wanted to try a board with a slightly narrower tail.
I wanted an Ultra 92, most beautiful print. It had just been announced that the Fanatic name was going to disappear, so this was an opportunity to buy a last generation Fanatic.

Board has 5 slot boxes, so it can be sailed as a thruster and as a quad. I want to try both. I'm guessing I'm going to try it more as a thruster in less wind and quad in high wind.

Board gives a lot of control. It can turn super tight, I really have to get used to that, even with jibing you are sometimes surprised. Because of the higher volume, you can really do things wrong while wave riding without being immediately punished.

According to Fanatic, this board should work with anything smaller than 6.2. I don't think I'm ever going to sail 6.0 on this. 5.3 seems to me to be on the large side, then I think I'd rather take the Goya One 95. I'm definitely going to try 3.7.
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5x Slotbox: super flexible. Too bad the Slotbox is not the strongest system.

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